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Premiados 2014

Premiados 2014

Prémio Bartolomeu Dias

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Prémio Bartolomeu Gusmão

José Pedro Pontes

José Pedro Pontes is born in 1957. He holds a Phd in Economics from the Technical University of Lisbon in 1987. He holds the degree "Agregação" in Economics from the same University in 1995. He is currently Associate Professor at the Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão (ISEG) of the Technical University of Lisbon. He has the following interest fields: Regional and Urban Economics, International Economics and Industrial Organization. José Pedro Pontes is a member of UECE (Research Unit on Complexity in Economics). He has visited other Universities and research centers such as CORE (Catholic University of Louvain), the Department of Economics of the University of Pennsylvania, KIER (University of Kyoto), the Dresden University of Technology and the RWTH Aachen University. José Pedro Pontes has performed several administrative functions in the University. In 1995 and 1996 he was a member of the Executive of the Scientific Board of ISEG.


Prémio Bartolomeu 

Alberto Franco Solís

In 2014, Alberto Franco won the Bartolomeu Prize with the communication "ELABORACIÓN DE UNA MATRIZ DE CONTABILIDAD SOCIAL Y MEDIOAMBIENTAL (SAMEA) DE EXTREMADURA PARA EL AÑO 2005".

Alberto Franco is born in 1984. He holds an European Phd in Economics from the University of Extremadura (Spain) in 2014. He is currently Assistant Professor of Applied Economics at the University of Extremadura (Spain), and secretary of the Extremadura Regional Science Association. His main research interests are Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and Economic Modelling of environment and Regional Science (CGE models). He has visited other Universities and research centers such as the Wageningen University in the Netherlands or the REGIOLAB (Laboratorio de Análisis Económico Regional) at the University of Oviedo in Spain. He is member of the Spanish Regional Science Association (AECR) and the EU-REAL (The European Union - Regional Economics Applications Laboratory).